Produce Stand Natural Fiber 3 Pack

The Produce Stand Natural Fiber 3 Pack contains three reusable produce bags, designed to get your bulk foods from the store back home, without the waste! Each reusable produce bag is made of an organic cotton-hemp blend that is ideal for storing nuts, grains and bulk food items. The fabric is designed to absorb excess moisture and restrict airflow. Thousands of single-use produce bags are used daily, and the majority end up in landfills. The Produce Stand Collection is the answer to eliminate single-use produce bags from your shopping trips, for good!

*Our three packs currently come in all green, not a variety of three colors. We will have all three colors back in stock soon! 

Price: $14.99


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Materials: Fabric: Organic Cotton/Hemp Blend

Dimensions: Bag 12.5" x 16" (approximately)

Weight: 1.1 oz. / 31g

Care Instructions: Wash cold and hang to dry