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LACE - Learn, Action Research, Create, Engage

CURRICULUM: GRADES 4th Through 8th

These lessons can be modified by educators in order to meet the needs of learners in grades K-3

LACE is a set of culminating activities that educators can effortlessly tie into their current curriculum practices. LACE offers the necessary resources for educators to implement standard-based lessons which coincide with ChicoBag® fundraising opportunities. These real-world strategies provide students with the tools they need in order to take action within their community through awareness, research and dialogue. These lessons can aid in reducing the negative impact plastics have on our environment and supports the notion of using reusable bags, as opposed to plastic bags.  

LACE offers students engaging lessons that provide them with the necessary skills they need in order to meet state and national standards. These activities also provide students the opportunity to go beyond national and state standards by giving them the ability to use what they have learned, in order to begin taking action within their community. The LACE curriculum is created in a flexible manner which provides educators the opportunity to incorporate all or some of the real-world strategies which they feel meet the needs of their learners. The flexibility of the lessons gives educators the advantage of using what they feel is effective not only in regards to their students' achievement, but also aids in managing what lessons educators choose to use based on their availability of instructional time.  Read LACE rationale, standards and objectives.

Collage of Students

Scenic Middle School Eco Club - Central Point, OR


Students receive an introduction to environmental concerns by watching movies, reading and discussing articles, and studying fact sheets that provide information about the North Pacific Gyre, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the negative impact plastics have on our environment. 

Introduce the lesson by showing your students one of the videos or articles below. After your students have finished watching the video or reading the article, create dialogue in your classroom about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Good Morning America Video     CBS News Video     Video Questions
Article One   Article Two    Article Three   Article Questions

These fact sheets include facts presented in the above articles.  Provide these facts to your students as review about plastic bags and our environment.

Action Research

Students conduct classroom, school, or family audits, gathering data that aids them in attaining a greater understanding about the use of plastics in their community. Using the worksheets below, have students gather and analyze their data. You can include all or some of the worksheets based on your students' needs. 

Survey     Household Audit     Classroom Audit     Campus Audit     Interview

Once your students have gathered and analyzed their data, have them start to think about ways they can begin to create awareness within their community. "What can we do as a class to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in our community?" Write your students' ideas on the board or on a large piece of butcher paper. 


Students create a fundraising pitch to use while they are selling ChicoBag® brand reusable bags and/or construct an awareness poster to place around campus. Introduce this lesson by explaining to your students the importance of awareness. Explain to them how they can positively contribute to reducing the use of plastic bags by taking action. Using the worksheets below, have students create a fundraising statement or poster.

Fundraising Statement Worksheet     Awareness Poster Worksheet


Students take action by selling ChicoBag® brand reusable bags (fundraising), starting a recycling program at their school, starting an environmental club, communicating with local businesses and city officials, or by discovering other effective methods in reducing waste in their classroom, home, school, or community. After completing all or some of the activities above, have students use the knowledge they have attained to take action locally using one or more of the suggestions listed in the take action worksheet.

Take Action Worksheet

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