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  1. Wage a campaign in your town or city to end the use of single-use bags by encouraging legislators to implement a grocery bag fee. Contact advocacy@chicobag.com for more information.
  2. Talk to local community and environmental groups about the bag issue and find out if they want to get involved.
  3. Create a petition asking for your city to take on the single-use bag problem and create a healthy reusable bag habit. Circulate it at schools, universities, the library, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and anywhere else where you can connect with your neighbors.
  4. Encourage local retailers to start a smart bagging policy with these tips:
    - Offer a bag refund to customers who bring their own reusable bags.
    - Place signs reminding people to bring their own bags
    - Create a reusable bag drop-off for others to use.
    - Create an in-store bag recycling program.
    - Sell reusable bags in their store.
  5. Bring an extra reusable bag to the grocery store the next time you shop and give it away to a stranger who doesn’t have them. Ask them to “Pay it Forward” and give a reusable bag away the next time they shop.
  6. Write a letter to the newspaper explaining the environmental problems with paper and plastic bags. Use our resources to help you come up with talking points.
  7. Start a ChicoBag fundraiser to raise money for an environmental or litter prevention group. Contact info@chicobag.com for more information!
  8. Stage a Bag Monster® sighting in your community. Contact bagmonster@chicobag.com to set it up!
  9. Give your friends and family reusable bags as gifts for birthdays, graduation, housewarming parties, and special holidays. 
  10. Set a good example by just saying no to single-use bags when you're at the store. Others in line will follow suit!
Bag Monster and Ross Mirkarimi
Ross Mirkarimi kicked Bag Monster® out of San Francisco

Bag Monster is defeated by ChicoBag girl
ChicoBag Girl does her part to fight Bag Monsters®