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Become a Retailer

Paper, Plastic, or Reusable?

Reusable bags are one of the fastest growing categories in retail and ChicoBag has developed compact reusable bag products with each one of your customers in mind. Our diverse product line offers a reusable bag solution for every lifestyle. Single-use bags can cost you thousands of dollars a year and with each customer you let walk out of your store with a single-use paper or plastic bag, you let a few of your valuable cents go with them. Instead of paying people to be wasteful, why not make a profit by going green?

Selling reusable bags in your store is not only great for the planet, it is also a lucrative way for you to increase overall store sales. We understand that this is a new category for most retailers and we are here to make sure your reusable bag program is a success.

ChicoBag believes social responsibility creates business success and economic sustainability. We recognize and strive to understand the interconnectedness of our world and the impact of our actions. Call us today at 1.888.496.6166 to speak to a ChicoBag representative!

"ChicoBags actually outsell all of our other reusable bags combined." - Emily Dehnke, Store Manager

"The ChicoBag stands alone, well above any on the market I’ve seen, especially these days. Not only in quality, but style, versatility and price." - Suzanne McIntyre from UT Austin IPSI

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