Custom Quick Turn ChicoBag®: Sling

Custom ChicoBag Slings are perfect for people on the go. This gender neutral crossbody bag has a 40-pound carrying capacity and is one of our top selling styles. Complete with an attached pouch and carabiner for easy storage, the Sling is rarely forgotten and frequently used. Download program details to learn more.

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ChicoBag Sling Quick Turn

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Order Details

Minimum Order Size:

This bag is available for orders of 100 units or more.


This bag is available in as few as three weeks with a one-color logo.


Bag Color Selected: Purple

Product Details

Capacity: 40 lbs (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 lbs.)
Dimensions: Bag: 13"w x 15"h x 3.5" d (33cm w x 38cm h x 9cm d) Pouch: 3"w x 5"h (8cm w x 13cm h) Strap drop: 20" (51cm)
Materials: Available in either polyester or rePETe. Both fabrics are durable, washable, and allow for easy stuffing.
Weight: 2.5 oz
Care: Wash cold and hang to dry (fabric softeners should NOT be used in the care of the bag)
Warranty: One year limited warranty

Printing Specifications

One color can be silkscreened onto the bag and the pouch. Printing on both sides is available for an additional charge.

Bag Print Area: 8.5in x 8.5in (22cm x 22cm)
Pouch Print Area: 2.5in x 2in (6.5cm x 5cm)
We only accept vector graphics. To learn more visit the Cobrand FAQ.

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"The eco-friendly nature of re-usable bags was a great selling point, but we wanted bags that were ethically and sustainably sourced. For us, that was the ChicoBag difference. Many bags are available, but yours were at the top when it comes to design and sustainability. We thought the ChicoBag brand would also add interest for our customers. The problem ChicoBag products solved was offering SWAG we didn't need to feel guilty about." --Laura Palumbo, National Sexual Violence Resource Center
"We chose ChicoBag because it was a functional bag. Before we were using plastic bags or heavy paper. They both would fall apart and wasn't the keepsake item that ChicoBag is. We like that the customer could keep it, save the planet and have our logo constantly on their minds." --Sheila Santiago, Society of American Florists
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