Reusable Shopping Bags

ChicoBag products are designed to make it easy to replace single-use disposable items. We produce reusable bags, packs and totes that are great for shopping, travel, organization, outdoor activities and more. Most styles compact into an attached pouch to make them easy to keep in your purse or pocket so you are never without a reusable bag again!

Reusable Shopping Bags

ChicoBag products are ideal companions on shopping trips. Whether you're headed to the grocery store, farmer's market or mall, we have a bag for you! All ChicoBag brand reusable bags compact down into an attached pouch when not in use for convenient storage in a purse or pocket so single use bags never sneak up on you again.

OriginalVitatmVita rePETetmSling rePETeNomadMicro

Designer Bags

Kick your single-use bag habit in style with these fashionable reusable bags. We have everything from fashion-forward prints to fun limited edition bags for special occasions!

Vita: InspireAbstractPurple BloomsBohemianSolsticeWatercolorSidekick: ModernFlora

Outdoor & Travel

Get outside and have some fun! These products are designed for the adventurer in us all. From picnics in the park to day hikes to your favorite local vistas, we have a bag style perfect for every outdoor excursion.

Produce & Snack

Replace your single-use snack and produce bags with an earth-friendly alternative. Our reusable sets will make sure that everything from your produce to your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stay fresh and plastic-free.