It’s nearing the holidays, earth warriors! Get ahead on your gift-giving and skip the last-minute mad dashes to the mall. (It’s way  better for the planet.) We all know how important it is these days to make thoughtful choices that benefit not just the recipient, but our environment too, so we’ve put together a handy little guide

Below are some festive ideas for those who want a little “fun” in their functional gifts. Find the perfect present for your favorite planet protector. Or introduce someone new to this process of positive change through sustainable products--and do some good while you are gift-giving. It’s a win-win!

Check out our Top 10 picks for the season:

1. Facewear

A non-itchy one fit for masked Marvel universe superheroes.

By now, many folks are tired of washing and wearing the same few face masks on repeat. Give the gift of a fresh reusable  ChicoBag face mask in a festive hue to your nearest and dearest ones to keep them safe from virus villains. Whether you choose the  2-layer reusable face mask or the  reusable face mask with washable filter and face clip, it’s sure to be a useful gift.

2. Original Bag

….’cause you’re an original, baby. And so are your friends.

Meet the bag that launched a thousand initiatives: the  ChicoBag Original Tote. This classic cutie can be stuffed into its own little pouch that can be clipped with a handy carabiner to your bag, belt loop, or bike basket. It’s available in 10 different colors.

3. To-Go Ware Premium/Classic

Ok it’s not quite how Lady Gaga sang it, but you too can be Bewitched, Bamboozled and Bewildered by a bamboo trend

Do you...bamboo? If you’re new to bamboo, this plant makes durable goods that withstand all kinds of damage. Fun fact:  bamboo plants don’t need to be replanted, since they automatically regrow a new shoot from any that are cut--which is why bamboo is sustainable. Our  reusable bamboo utensil set is fantastic for urban take-away adventures and happy campers dining in the wild.

4. Vita Shoulder Tote

A gift that’s totes adorbs

Spread some seasonal joy with a shoulder bag version like the  Vita Shoulder Tote in a print and the  Vita Shoulder Tote  solid bags. They’re a godsend when you need to keep your hands free while toting Secret Santa gifts, groceries for epic eat-a-thon-family get-togethers, or grandma’s giant heirloom Menorah--just throw one over your shoulder and carry on your merry way.

5. Bottle Sling

Stop carrying around water bottles in your pocket. (It looks, ahem, weird).

Reusable water bottle? Check. Favorite holiday beverage (*cough* like holiday nog) in said water bottle ? Check. Place to put it:  Bottle Sling rePETe. Cleverly made of 100% PET, it has little pockets that can fit lip balm, chopsticks, your ID, a phone, and other tiny essentials.

6. Travel Pack

The “Halp, I bought/packed too much stuff” emergency back-up bag that everyone needs.

For better or worse, the holidays often mean lots of travel. Luckily, our  Travel Pack rePETe backpack is a tried-and-true tested jet-setter. This lightweight and breathable bag emerges from its tiny pouch like a bunny from a hat. But this beauty is better than that old magic trick, since it’s machine washable. (Bunnies are not, FYI). And this lightweight is no lightweight in the durability department. It’s tough enough to hold your stuff while being a hydration station, courtesy of two breathable stretch pockets for your water bottles.

7. Produce Bags

Your new bag BFF is here

Last-minute holiday party veggie tray request? Have no fear, our  Reusable Mesh and Moisture locking produce bags are here! After the holidays, stash 'em inside your original or vita totes so they're always there on your grocery runs. The moisture-locking set of 4 will help keep your carrots crisp and your cukes cool while in transit from the store to your Hanukkah platter. They’re food safe and BPA free, too. When you consider how those single-use produce bags really add up over a year of grocery shopping, it’s clear why these reusables and biodegradables matter!

8. Snack Bags

S.O.S (Save Our Snacks), sustainably

What’s that? You say you’d like to give something endlessly unique and useful? Enter: the perfect stocking stuffer,ChicoBag Snack Time RePETe Bags. Because, really, everyone likes snacks. So keep yours in these water and stain-resistant bags that come in three cheery colors. Bonus Tip: Pack your own snacks and skip the airline food next time you’re on the move. (because we all know airline food is gross.)

9. Travel Pouch

Gifts for those peeps constantly on the go

Speaking of travel, the holidays, and gifts that keep on giving...let’s talk about our  Travel Zip. Keep your toiletries corralled in the quart-sized pouch that has a clear front. The small and medium sized pouches can be used for your IDs, phone chargers, and other odds and ends. Not only will these replace single use bags, they are TSA approved so it will take the guesswork out of what size bag to use when packing, whether it’s your make-up, baby formula, or knitting supplies.

10. Nomad Shoulder Tote

Keep this bag handy because life happens and sometimes you gotta get the heck outta Dodge fast

Escape on a holiday weekend getaway with the  ChicoBag Nomad Large Capacity Reusable Shoulder Bag which can help stash your essential stuff in style. It’s capable of carrying 40 lbs comfortably so you can pack it in, whether “it” is multiple pairs of shoes for a jaunt in the city, or outdoor gear for an impromptu camping trip. The Nomad has got your bag...or, um, back. Bonus: it has the same uber-useful carry pouch, just like the  ChicoBag Original Tote.