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Chicobag provides sustainable solutions for Promotional Travel Companies.

Learning is done best with a little adventure. It’s no secret real-life, hands-on experiences are the key to lasting education, and ChicoBag had so much fun personalizing our products for travel companies who prioritize planet Earth while providing memorable experiences for everyone. We’re taking a dive into four travel companies that now offer personalized ChicoBag products as part of their commitment to do #littlebitbetter in the world of travel.

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A picture of the moraway custom travel pack

Moraway Adventures

Self-proclaimed artisans of adventure, Moraway Adventures creates custom travel itineraries for groups of every kind, specifically dedicated to conservation and community development in their destinations. They offer specialized itineraries to experience things like safaris in Kenya, elephant photography sessions in Zimbabwe, and penguin sightings in South Africa. While out on your grand adventure, you’ll be supporting causes like health conservation in Uganda, community development in South Africa, and more—how’s that for traveling a little bit better? Recently, we helped create a Moraway Adventures lightweight Travel Pack rePETe™ for all their second-time guests –and the travelers have been raving about them for all-day adventures! “The bags have been great! Guests have really liked them and commented on their functionality and design,” said Christopher Moriarty, Founder &CEO. Check out the Moraway Adventures blog on their latest conservation safari in Zimbabwe for a closer look at how they're making an impact!

The Moraway Adventures Travel pack in the wild

Passport's Student groups loves the rePETe Travel Pack.


Offering exceptional educational tours for high school and college students as well as adult travel experiences, Passports offers itineraries for everyone in destinations through Europe, The Americas, and exotic destinations like Iceland, Asia, and Australia. Passports collaborated with ChicoBag to create custom Travel Packs for tour group participants, allowing them to stay hands-free when exploring a new city or location. The Travel Pack rePETe is particularly ideal for groups like Passports, as guests can tuck the packs into the pouch when they’re not in use—key when you have limited space in your luggage!

Passports Travel Pack makes sustainable promotional products easy to customize

Hydaway's Bundle offerings


Before you get away, grab your travel goods at Hydaway. Hydaway creates durable, sustainable drinkware designed for travel in sleek, portable designs. They understand that hydration is key when on a long journey, whether that’s a lengthy hike or a red-eye flight, so they’ve got you covered a #littlebitbetter on your most crucial of supplies. They offer multiple sizes of collapsible water bottles, collapsible drink tumblers, and even collapsible dinnerware—and they’ve recently teamed up with ChicoBag to expand their collection of compact travel accessories to include personalized ChicoBag Travel Packs and To-Go Ware Classic Utensil Sets! We’re proud to customize products for such a travel-savvy, sustainable company.

The very stylish customized rePETe Travel Pack Collection from hydaway

Nols uses education to connect people to sustainable solutions.


Where are our hands-on learners at?! There’s no better way to learn than through experience, and Nols is leading the way in wilderness education. They offer everything from wilderness expeditions to classroom-based learning experiences that leave all involved inspired from start to finish. They’re changing education expectations, offering exclusions for groups and individuals looking to expand their horizons, specializing in wilderness medicines and outdoor education courses. They also emphasize the impact of taking a gap year between high school and college, offering everything from Pacific Northwest backpacking to Alaska Mountaineering. No great journey can be taken without proper preparation, of course – and travelers can now get ready for their grand adventure with exclusive ChicoBag Nols branded Travel Pack rePETe and Sling rePETe Get out there!

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