Are you ready for Earth Day 2022? Now that we’ve left 2021 behind, it’s on the horizon–and will be here before you know it. Whether you’re a planner that is prepping for the big day months in advance or a pantster that is going to wing it, ChicoBag has some sustainable suggestions to help you and your company celebrate in style.

How can ChicoBag help? Check out these common Earth Day challenges and our solutions below.

If you….

Need sustainable swag to hit your sustainability targets

t’s no secret that lots of promo  products end up in landfills, resulting in massive plastic pollution. So why not give your potential clients the gift of planet-friendly promo options? ChicoBag and To-Go Ware have some amazing products that are good for your brand and the planet.

Need a great visual for your Earth Day event

Want to show how many bags the average American uses per year? We’ll send you our  Bag Monster, which was a costume created by our founder made out of 365 plastic single-use bags. From companies to schools, the Bag Monster is a great educational tool.

Purchase a product that goes beyond sustainability

It’s not just what a product is made of that’s important–it’s also how a product is made. That’s why ChicoBag only partners with  ethical manufacturing companies that meet fair labor and workforce standards. We are a Category C Licensee of the Fair Labor Association, who works collaboratively with colleges and universities, NGOs, and socially responsible companies to improve working conditions in factories around the world. ChicoBag products aren’t just good for the environment–they make a positive impact in other ways, too.

Need customizable merch

If you order now, there is still time to customize your merchandise! Our in-house design team can walk you through  the design process and provide you with a no-cost digital mock-up to share with your team. We’ve got lots of screenprint and dye-sublimation options that can be used on our bags, utensils, and facewear to ensure that it looks unique.

Need products that arrive via a sustainable shipping method

ChicoBag has a  climate-friendly shipping option. And are you ready for a bonus? When you choose that, you get a discount of 15% of the purchase price. (Plus the peace of mind that you’ve reduced your overall shipping carbon footprint by 91%)

Be Ready for Earth Day

Now that you’ve learned about some of our sustainable solutions for promo merch and more, don’t stop there. ChicoBag would love to hear from you if you have other challenges not on this list. We’re committed to creating products that companies can feel good about, for both Earth Day and beyond.