The Power of Partnership: ChicoBag and Our Trusted Distributors

These are the distributors helping ChicoBag do things a little bit better

Graphics Showing Chicobag's Distributors getting product all over the country

As leaders in cutting-edge corporate sustainability, ChicoBag is committed to protecting our planet from pollution and preserving its beauty for generations to come—and we look for distribution partners who do the same! Here are two of our valued ChicoBag & To-Go Ware distributors and the ways they’re helping us make an eco-lifestyle a #littlebiteasier.

Chicobag's Vita Tote filled with Some of Frontier's products on a Woden background.

Frontier Co-op: Creating Easier Access to Natural Products

Founded in 1976, Frontier started as a two-person operation selling herbs and spices to local co-ops. Over the years, Frontier Co-op has grown into the nation's largest supplier of organic species and sustainable products to support a holistic natural lifestyle. 

Aligning values is essential in any partnership, and we found a perfect match in Frontier. Operating under the guiding principle of "Doing Good, Works," their various initiatives, like their Well Earth program, which focuses on sustainable sourcing and supports the resilience of farmers and supply chains globally, show they, too, are aiming to make our planet a #littlebitbetter. This also makes Frontier an excellent supplier of our ChicoBag rePETE Travel Packs, Sling rePETE Crossbody Bags, rePETE Bottle Slings, and more!

A graphic showing the details to the Doing Good Works 3 pillars of our purpose.
Two Polaroids showing the headquarters of Frontier Co-op and the sustainable sourcing they strive for 

Beyond sourcing high-quality and socially responsible products, they also emphasize sustainable packaging—perfectly in line with our mission to reduce single-use plastic! Frontier Co-op's comprehensive approach to sustainability underscores their dedication to both people and planet, proving a business can be profitable while also positively impacting the world. We’re proud to work together!

hands delivering a box labeled One Bay Distribution with Chciobag Branding stickers on it.

One Bay Distribution

Two companies, one mission. One Bay Distribution partners with ChicoBag to bring our reusable everyday-use products to your doorstep through managed logistics. Our collaboration with One Bay is grounded in a shared ethos that values the creation of win-win-win scenarios, a testament to our common goal of fostering growth to benefit all stakeholders involved in making our earth a little bit better. 

Faire is one of our wholesale partners powered by One Bay’s shipping solutions. As champions of the underdog and the little guy—otherwise known as burgeoning entrepreneurs and independent small businesses—they’re another partner that offers a solution to low minimum orders.

Partnering with One Bay and wholesalers like Faire has allowed us to seamlessly expand our sustainable global trade and be more accessible to small businesses across the world.

A computer monitor showing one of CHicobag's distributors

four Polaroids showing Chicobag's product displays that help support our distributors

Keep an eye on our social media—we’ll have even more new and exciting launches available through our distributors in 2024!

You, too, can join our village of trusted ChicoBag Retailers! 

Learn more about how we can make eco-living a #littlebitbetter together.


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