Little Bit Better (LBB) is an initiative celebrating people and organizations doing 

things just a little bit better to make a better future for all of us.

Celebrating how small changes add up to big impact.  

Nobody can do it all. But we can all do a little better.

So how do you get started doing things a Little Bit Better?

17 years ago, our founder Andy Keller saw the mounting problem with single-use plastic bags clogging up oceans and landfills. He knew he couldn’t eliminate all the plastic bags in the world, but he knew he could do a little bit better.

Every bag (and utensil set) since then has added up. Today, we’ve kept over 25 billion single-use items out of the world’s waterways and landfills. 

The ripple effect doesn’t stop there. Over the last decade and a half, there’ve been many others in the sustainable space advocating for less plastic use, all doing a little bit better themselves. When ChicoBag started, the average American used over 500 single-use shopping bags every year. Through advocacy, education, and other sustainable pioneers in this space, that number is now down to 365. 

Whether you’re fighting plastic alongside ChicoBag, helping one more elderly neighbor mow her lawn, or implementing dog-friendly Fridays at the office, when we all make the commitment to do a little bit better, we can make enormous change.

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