For over 10 years, we have produced bags for some of the world’s leading businesses, non–profits, television networks and thousands of independent retailers throughout the world. Here are some of their stories.

"Great product, easy to carry and amazing how many times you need a bag to help carry things. It is not just for groceries, but makes daily life much easier!" - Matt Meuter, professor, Dept. of Finance & Marketing, CSUC
"This is a wonderful product. In addition to its obvious daily uses, I intend to put one in my household emergency kit." - John Gliha, Executive Director, Butte College Foundation
"Thank so much . . . . I love my ChicoBags and I have to occasionally order replacements because I keep giving them out to people who ask me about them when I use them...they are extremely popular, as you know! - Valerie Zavalla
"I'm already a proud Chico Bag owner and I'm coming back for more and buying some for family members as holiday gifts too! Thank you for a wonderful product." - Rebecca Zamrycki
"I LOVE these bags. Finally a bag that I don't leave in the car when I go shopping. I haven't taken home a plastic grocery bag in months." - Nora Cregan
"I am always forgetting my burlap bags and they are such a pain to carry around but your bags are perfect. Truly a great product and great for it's super simplicity." - Dominic Benincasa
"ChicoBags are the perfect way to cut down on the wasteful use of paper and plastic. What makes them better than many other bags is their compact nature. Now, there’s no longer any excuse for not having a bag with you!" - Ed Begley Jr., Actor and Activist
"I have been using your bags for a couple years. My sister, lives in Chico and sent several bags to me. I use them every day, just hook them to my purse and off I go." - Angela Monroe, Wilmington, Ohio
" I have used the messenger back to carry my workout weights and clothing for my after work workout. The bag is the perfect size for this purpose! Holds my clothes, shoes and weights!" - Lea-Ann Branch, Burke Soil and Water Conservation
"The small size makes all the difference. I keep one in the car so it's always handy." - Tao Stadler, Executive Director, Oroville Area Chamber of Commerce
"Great design, functional, practical…I've been a long time user of the ChicoBag and its benefits far outweigh any cons." - Valerie Reddemann, president, Greenfeet Natural Home Store and Greenfeet.com
"ChicoBags actually outsell all of our other reusable bags combined!" - S&S produce and Natural Foods