Five Ways 5 Gyres is doing things a Little Bit Better

5 Ways 5 Gyres is doing things alittle bit better, Image shows a man picking up single use plastics from beach

Microplastics are without a doubt one of the environment's biggest problems. As we slowly undo a single-use mentality built over decades of plastic-built convenience, we’ve come to realize materials matter. What we use as consumers today will quickly become our chosen tomorrow.

Along with maintaining a rigorous Certified B Corp certification and Climate Neutral membership, ChicoBag is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an international organization that invites companies to participate in their triple bottom line philosophy: people, planet, and then profit. While we concentrate on protecting our planet by creating solutions to the single-use plastic crisis, our donations to 1% for the Planet allow others to concentrate on the rest. 

We are only as good as our partners, and this month, we’re recognizing the efforts of 5 Gyres, a non-profit organization and fellow 1% for the Planet member that addresses the microplastics making themselves at home in our oceans.  

Hand holding Micro plastics found on the beach

5 Gyres And chicobag partnership

Here are five ways 5 Gyres is doing a #littlebitbetter

Tracking down Microplastics

Tracking the elusive microplastic spread

Findings from 19 research missions across 50,000 nautical miles in all five subtropical gyres has allowed 5 Gyres to publish groundbreaking data on microplastics while empowering action through science education and advocacy. They are quite simply doing the heavy lifting for humankind and the revitalization of our oceans. 

Using advocacy to push for laws and policies for a greener tomorrow

Policies for the planet

While you can normally find 5 Gyres doing the good work in our oceans, sometimes they have to take it to the hill – Capitol Hill. Why? Because better policies build a better planet. 5 Gyres is working to minimize the effects climate change will have on the next generation by advocating for policies that will drive innovation in product and packaging solutions and demanding corporate accountability and better consumer behavior.

5 gyres efforts to keep our Parks clean

A trash blitz for nature's crowned jewels

5 Gyres knows waste that starts on land will eventually find its way to our water systems. As part of the annual Plastic-Free Parks TrashBlitz, volunteers are empowered to not only clean up our collective National Parks but also to become citizen researchers by recording their findings in the TrashBlitz app. Companies beware: the goal of this exercise is to break down the brands, items, and materials working against our natural resources. Don’t let your products be part of the problem!

% gyres pushes for inovations in clean materials

A little bit better alternatives

The search for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based plastics is on, and 5 Gyres is leading the pack in scientific research on the circularity potential of these new materials. In addition to raising awareness for sustainable solutions, users can also pledge to go #plasticfree on their site.

Start your #plasticfree pledge (or gear up for Plastic Free July!) with ChicoBag’s new 100% Global Recycled Standard Certified rePETe fabric. Post-consumer recycled plastic bottles are upcycled without the lengthy supply chain or polyurethane (PU) coating. That’s how you turn a problem into a functional, good-looking solution.

5 gyres Educational efforts to inform the public about the effects of single use plastic

Binge watching for a cause

Eco-fatigue is real. When you need to wind down, grab your ChicoBag snack sack and become an armchair activist by leveling up your knowledge with 5 Gyres’ Trash Academy—a virtual series that integrates education, advocacy, and community science into short binge-able videos. The Trash Academy is also a great way to break down a big problem for your corporate sustainability program or young learners.

ChicoBag offers eco friendly Fund raisers

Are you an educator?

Help the 5 Gyres mission and your school with the ChicoBag & To-Go Ware fundraising program, a unique alternative to traditional fundraising methods for students. With a focus on high-quality products to help eliminate single-use items from our waste streams, you’ll get the message out while turning single-use habits into a #littlebitbetter alternatives. Learn more here.