January Roundup

Need some 2023 resolution inspiration? You’re in luck: read on to discover companies that make it their duty to do business greener, calmer, or all-around better! We gotta warn you, though: you might leave with more resolutions than you bargained for.

Suga Yoga Mats

Riding the environmental wave to the top is Suga, a yoga mat company creating mats made from 100% recyclable materials. Not just any material, each yoga mat is made from an old wetsuit. Wetsuits are typically made of neoprene, which is not a recyclable material – so the California-based company decided to give the soft, squishy fabric a second life in the studio. So far, they have collected and recycled over 100,000 wetsuits and diverted 41 tons of waste from landfills. Ready to do your part? Check out their list of drop-off locations or ship it in. We couldn’t think of anything closer to the California dream if we tried.


Keep Clean: Good for the environment can mean good for you, too: Suga’s yoga mats are made of what’s called closed-cell foam, an insulation of sorts. This means that they won’t sponge up dirt, dust, and bacteria as other yoga mats would. These antimicrobial properties also make them super easy to clean – it’s a win-win!


Zebra is helping companies from every industry flourish through their innovative technologies. They partner with over 10,000 businesses in over 100 countries to work towards delivering customized guest experiences, efficient data connection, and work towards overall efficiency to get things done in every area of business. They’re all about solutions and growth, which is why they offer their employees a generous tuition reimbursement program, should they be interested in furthering their educational goals. Additionally, they’ve developed a Zebra Educational Network (ZEN) that offers free career advancement, books, articles, and courses to support employee learning.

 What’s new: Among their glowing success stories is one of their most recent with Italian multi-utility company Veritas, who utilized Zebra’s capabilities to update the manual method of replacing meters with a solution that would provide accuracy and full visibility across each stage of the upgrades. This is their second time working with Zebra, after being pleased with their updates to It had previously used Zebra to automate the meter reading process.

Tab for a Cause

May we encourage you just to open one more browser tab? We promise it’s worth it. Check out Tab for a Cause, a free innovative browser extension that does good each time you open a new tab on your browser. Yes, you heard that right – they donate to a charity every time you open a new tab, and since their launch in 2011, they’ve donated more than 1.3 million dollars to charity. All you have to do is download the extension, use your preferred browser to get around the internet, and viola! You now have a beautiful new load screen that you can personalize with to-do lists and custom widgets – the small banner ads do all the donating. They give you the ability to choose which nonprofit you’d prefer to donate to, as well: choose from emergency aid, clean water, cat shelters, and more. In the interest of building trust and keeping open communication, they list their quarterly financials for all curious – in Q1 of 2022 alone, they raised over $165,000! Automatically do good each time you open a new work task or Google your deepest curiosities - that’s really all there is to it.

Click around for health care: Tab for a Cause recently added reproductive health care to their list of nonprofits, supporting accessible and safe health care for all. They’re currently supporting Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights, while continuing to protect the privacy of all that opt for the extension. Check out the secure, private and open-source funding opportunity!

Athletes for Care

Providing all-around support for athletes is non-profit Athletes for CARE, partnering with elites from every sport to use their global influence for good, as well as leading research teams to find solutions for issues faced during and after a demanding career in sports. Their featured athletes are advocates of physical and mental health and work to use their platforms to destigmatize conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, and much more in line with A4C’s reseach and innovation efforts.


What they’re up to: Their annual A4C Golf Tour is taking place in Los Angeles on November 22nd at the Tierra Rejada Golf Club in the foothills of eastern Ventura County. All proceeds from this charity golf tournament benefit Athletes for CARE and go towards their research, advocacy, and resources. 

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