Little Bit Better March Roundup

In 2023, we’re doing it for you and me - and the world. ChicoBag is keeping the inspiration coming to make this year the best one yet. Read on to discover four companies continuously working to make our world a #littbitbetter.

PangeaSeed Foundation

Meet the PangeaSeed Foundation, a nonprofit organization furthering ocean conservation through science, education, and art. Easy to remember and cleverly abbreviated as S.E.A,  these three key touchpoints stand for what the company is all about: “sea”ing a change in our world through educating and raising awareness with the goal of bettering the habitat of our oceans. They run several of what they call “ARTivism” programs to create awareness—a large one being the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans program. Their artists have created over 450 murals in over 18 countries, each with a unique story and distinct artist personality. Alongside their Printed Oceans program, their hope is to draw attention and give our oceans a voice across the globe. Since their initiation in 2012, PangeaSeed Foundation has worked with over 1,500 artists, created 450+ murals, and created seven million dollars worth of public art created through supporting their ARTivists.

Artwork Anniversary
Pangea Seed celebrated their 10 year anniversary by releasing a limited-edition retrospective art book honoring their decade of art and murals dedicated to spreading awareness on the state of our oceans. It’s called Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans, and it displays unique murals and original artworks from over 100 artists with a focus on six key marine environmental issues from overfishing to climate change.

Cookie Dō

Take a bite a #littlebitbetter than the traditional with Cookie Dō, a cookie dough brand that  brings you the sweet treat of your dreams. And it’s guilt-free one, at that: all of their cookie dough is vegan and gluten-free. Ever since founder Kristen Tomlin developed a gluten intolerance, she’s been on a mission to enjoy the foods she loved both baking and eating, and landed upon the most delightful dough recipe around. In line with their mission to sweeten each moment, they’re proud to sweeten the lives of those less fortunate and have supported causes like fighting hunger, supporting youth development, and more. They even held a special session for the Ronald Mcdonald House in New York, teaching them the ins and outs of creating their special dough.

Donate through the dough
During the month of October 2022, Cookie Dō partnered with small food company shipper Goldbelly to donate 10% of sales of their limited-edition Breast Cancer Awareness cake to BCRF Cure, the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. Check out their Instagram for future updates on featured charities – we have a feeling something sweet is in store.

The Bindle Conspiracy

Simple, sustainable, and all from scratch, The Bindle Conspiracy’s mission is simple: to bring you unique, never-replicated clothing pieces with all recycled materials. Born from a simple love of clothing, blankets are given a second life as sweaters, pants, backpacks and so much more. There’s really no conspiracies to be had – it’s a straight-up craft. Born in Boulder, Colorado and cut and sewn by one person since 2016, the company has transformed from a passion for prints and sustainability to a one-of-a-kind, auction-worthy business. The materials are sourced from all over the world, with prints of every kind – neutrals, graphics, subtle prints, and daring color-pops. 

Artist Collaborations

The brand has sone-upped its coveted feel by collaborating with other independent artists. Take this hoodie for example, a work of himself and independent artist Player under Pressure. Cut and sewn by The Bindle Conspiracy, and airbrushed by Player Under Pressure, the two created another piece only to be owned by one.

Gravity Blankets

We experience gravity all day, every day–but it's never quite this calming. Sleeping with the added weight from a weighted blanket like Gravity Blankets stimulates the feelings of being hugged, releasing serotonin and feel-good hormones. It’s also been proven to improve stress levels and make for a good night’s sleep, ultimately improving brain function and cognitive abilities during the day. With research backing the benefits of weighted blankets, it’s no wonder their priority is in mental health awareness: beginning with the staff they hire, who are passionate about mental wellbeing and initiatives. Not only do these blankets help you relax and feel your best, the company has given over $100,000 to several non-profit and charitable organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, and more – along with the donation of blankets.

Prioritizing Mental Health

They officially launched their Gravity Cares Program in 2020, dedicated to directly supporting mental health awareness and wellness through free tools, written aid and courses. They have held several Instagram lives focusing on positive affirmations and beginner’s pilates - check their page for events to come.

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