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Lightweight and Packable Travel Backpack

Meet your new backpack bestie! This comfortable and lightweight travel-ready backpack is just as great for a day hike as it is traveling the world. Pack it in your suitcase or clip it to your carry-on so you've got a backpack when you arrive. Weighing in at just 7 ounces you don't have to worry about adding bulk to your gear and you'll have an extra 15L pack when you need it. Big features and a small environmental impact, it doesn't get better than that.

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Behind the Scenes of rePETe + Refine

How Your Fabric is Made Matters

It's not something you might have ever thought about, but the way your favorite t-shirt, shoes, or reusable bag is made can be vastly different. Most fabric is dyed, and that can be a wasteful and resource intensive process. We've purchased dyed fabrics since the early 2000's and have seen firsthand what it takes to bring fabric to life through the dyeing process. 

Dyeing and fabric technology has come a long way since we first started and we spent a few years redeveloping ChicoBag fabrics with a goal of significantly decreasing their impact. The culmination of those efforts has arrived and we are excited to introduce the next evolution in our fabric story - rePETe + Refine

Made from recycled materials

rePETe is a line of products crafted from recycled materials, including fabric made from 100% GRS Certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. With transparency in mind, each product comes with a materials statement detailing its recycled components.

Waterless dye fabric technology

Refine™ is our commitment to continuous improvement. A minimal-water dyeing alternative that delivers vibrant colors while using 89% less water, 63% less CO2, and 60% less energy than traditionally dyed non-recycled fabrics. rePETe + Refine ushers in a new era of eco-friendly products.

Uncoated fabric

Our fabrics have historically been coated in polyurethane as a finishing step to provide strength. Refine fabrics have been re-engineered to be just as strong, without the coating. This innovation minimizes microplastic shedding, promotes a cleaner environment, and has a softer handfeel. It's a subtle shift that makes a big impact. 

What is Refine? 

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