Social Responsibility

We understand there is always more we can do help kick single use. That is why we have implemented a number of environmental and social programs designed to make our business cleaner and planet healthier. While we understand there is a long way to go to solving the environmental problems we all face, it is our belief that by taking it one step at a time, we will make a difference. If you have ideas on how we can improve upon our commitment, we invite you to contact us at

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Zero Waste

At ChicoBag we strive to leave the planet better than we found it. When waste does not become food for another system, natural or otherwise, it becomes pollution. We are committed to continually creating efficiencies that eliminate waste in all aspects of our business. We walk the talk and simply refuse the "Big 5" (single-use plastic bags, single-use water bottles, single-use cups, single-use utensils and polystyrene take-out containers). We value efficiency, durability, innovation and quality. We always strive to do our best, and acknowledge that we will make mistakes. WE will never let a mistake go to waste - always improving, always learning, always being the change we wish to see in the world. We believe this is good for our business, good for the people whose lives we touch, and good for the planet. Below are a few of the programs we have implemented to help us achieve our Zero Waste Goals.

Pay it Forward Program

Pay it Forward Program

Reusable bags sometimes wear out, but we don’t want to see them in the landfill when they do. We have an active repurposing and recycling program for all brands and types of reusable bags. ChicoBag doesn’t want ANY reusable bag to be left in a dark closet or sent to the landfill.

Send us your tired reusable bags, functional or not. We will distribute them to fixed and low income families ready to start a reusable bag habit, or recycle them into new, useful products through partnerships with artists, crafters and non-profit organizations. Mail your unwanted reusable bags to: ChicoBag Company, c/o Zero Waste Program, 747 Fortress Street, Chico, CA 95973.

Do you have ideas on who would benefit from a program like this? Please email us at

ChicoBag's Zero Waste Letter
Dear ChicoBag Co,

Thanks for all you are doing! Your mission is admirable and here's hoping the zero-waste movement catches fire! My first reusable bags (cloth) were acquired decades ago at an Earth Day event and are in perfect condition, unlike these. It was great to find you as a resource for repurposing these bags.

Thanks very much
Norma Tomlinson
Richardson, TX

ChicoBag Headquarters Zero Waste Program

After listening to Dave Chameides (aka Sustainable Dave) talk about his decision not to throw anything away for an entire year, Andy Keller, ChicoBag President thought, "Hey, I bet we can do that". That was the beginning of our waste diversion program.

On average, each person in America sends 2.89 pounds of trash to the landfill each day. The ChicoBag office has 30 people working in it 5 days per week and we send an average of 30 pounds per month to the landfill. That works out to about .02 pounds per employee per day. We are proud to say that we have significantly reduced our waste stream! How? Each employee is responsible for sorting their waste into a variety of recycling, repurposing, compost and landfill bins. With this system in place each employee's impact on the landfill is less than one pound per month.

ChicoBag's Zero Waste Recycling