A more positive future starts with small changes.

Do you ever read headlines with huge accomplishments like these and wonder how your company will ever catch up?

Or maybe you’re newly tasked with improving company sustainability metrics and the impact of your company on the environment. Did your company add a corporate social responsibility department during the pandemic, and now you’re focused on initiatives that positively affect humanity— and the bottom line?

ChicoBag was in the same boat back in 2005. With over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, we saw the mounting problem with single-use plastic. We wanted to fight it, but how? Where do you even start with such a lofty goal? 


We started with one reusable Bag we’ve kept 848,546,681 single-use bags out of the world's landfills

Charity: Water also started small.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean water to developing countries, charity: water’s originated with one man taking a photo of a child drinking from a dirty pond. 

Today, the organization has raised $598.2 million and funded over 79,000 clean water projects in 29 countries.

When you’ve got big goals, it can feel overwhelming to jump in all at once. But bite-sized, incremental steps can lead to enormous change.


Water Projects Funded


People Will Be Served



Reaching your goals is all about doing


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